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Jimmy Dilley aka Nex
Set Designer, Mask and Prop maker,
Macabre Artist

I have always been in love with halloween ever since I was a small ghoul. That obsession followed me into my adult life as an artist. For the last decade I have been building Utah's best know haunted house the "Nightmare on 13th", where I currently reside as the Art Director. Working in a haunted house year round has given me a really good understanding of how props and mask should be made. It also helped me understand how hard truly original and scary halloween items are to come by.
The lack of such items lead me into wanting to make "Masks, props and oddities that Scream Halloween!"
These are the founding grounds that lead me to create the macabre world of NEX-FX! Taking the classics of Halloween and making them scary again! I specialize in "Dark Harvest" style items witch I am most well know for, however that doesn't scare me away from making other horrifying things. 
So if your a ghoulish HALLOWEEN FREAK like myself give me a fallow on Facebook or Instagram to see what new macabre things I am cooking in my cauldron!
Yours cruly NEX

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All Inquiries, questions and comments are always welcome!

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